Over the course of many years, I have come across many successful and accomplished individuals. It is quite interesting to notice their successes have some similarities. They had mentors, and coaches to guide them , and give them a glimpse into their own hearts and minds to realize their potential.

My journey that got me here is not much different. I am ever so grateful to my mentors and coaches who appeared when I needed them the most. The path full of trials and tribulations makes us stronger. However we need enlightened individuals to help us see our blind spots and opportunities in darker periods we pass through.

A lot of my experiences now have become the true guides to mastering life's journey. It is with all my sincerity, I say to you that if challenges and circumstances have gotten you stuck behind the mundane life, and there is LIFE missing in the living. It is time to Explore Your Untapped Potential! Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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Mastering Life
Explore your untapped potential

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Prokopis Christou
President, FSB

“Ritu is an excellent speaker, moderator and coach who knows her stuff. Whenever she performs as a panelist, emcee, guest speaker or workshop presenter, she engages the audience in a manner that participants learn and enjoy.”


Juvenal Gasper
Senior VP-Sales, PFS

“I found your training seminar ‘Getting Things Done’ very interesting for our team mates. I believe our audience related very well to what you spoke about, because it’s a topic they are all challenged by and continue to work on getting better.”

Steve Borelli
Chief Technical Officer

“In the time I have known Ritu, she has shown herself to be a talented, professional and insightful individual. A woman of many accomplishments and a diverse background, my impression and experience with her is that she is capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to. She is extremely focused, setting personal and professional goals and then outlining a comprehensive plan to achieve them.”

Dileep Padgaonkar
Editor, Times of India

“Your Book would provide spiritual solace to who need it.”

Dr. Pratap Singhal, Diplomat,
American Board of Emergency Medicine

“I am pleased to acknowledge that Ms. Ritu Chopra has been conducting workshops for our community in Belleville, NJ. She stresses the fact that how challenges in life help one in becoming stronger. She is well received by the audience.”

Bhishma Agnihorti
Ambassador-at- large for NRIs / PIO New York

‘Ms. Chopra has used management, and spirituality as well as primary and secondary material in her book to define various aspects of self-development through simplification of existential problems.”

Raritan Bay Medical Center
New Jersey

“Thank you very much for participating on the discussion for the 20 th Annual Pastoral Care Luncheon at Raritan Bay Medical Hospital. This year’s topic “The Sciences of Prayers: A Partnership in Spirituality and Healing” was quite interesting and well received by the audience.’

Joe Xu
Information Security Officer

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to you for wonderful seminar you did for our team in Piscataway, New Jersey. The management team would like me to extend their appreciation for your efforts in supporting our organization. Your insights and excellent seminar was truly inspiring. We certainly learned a lot from your enthusiastic speech. We will invite back for more such wonderful coaching.”

Dr. Uday C Naval

“Simply marvelous, Ritu has combined various strands into a braid of diverse colors. Her analytical mind, rooted in her deep spiritual outlook had enabled her to present the universal and abiding truth in a manner that is at once practical and penetrating.”

Nelson Yeh
President , NJCCPS

“ I would like to express to our thanks on behalf of our Board Steering Committee, for your very active participation in our Parsippany, New Jersey seminar. I certainly learned a lot about the unique aspects of Handling Objection in your professional skills’

Patricia Harrison
President, Tri-County Health and Wellness

“ I have had the opportunity to attend a soft skill lunch and learn on Innovative Management given by Ritu Chopra and found it to be very enlightening. The other class attendees all had the same positive reaction and feedback. The course gave a different way to look at problem solving and I am looking forward to the next session."

Rochelle Brodsky

“This coaching class and coaching book has made a huge difference in how my goals have manifested themselves into goals; rather than stagnate in wishful thinking. Ms. Chopra has a warm, welcoming style that permits and encourages participants to voice their ideas, fear and dreams. Her use of “companions” was instrumental in helping me move from “paralysis from fear” to movement towards an explicit goal that I had been vocalizing but not realizing. With her guidance, I was able to take an open and honest look at my ‘companions” that hindered my forward movement. I was able to create a plan that allowed me to take “baby steps” to reach my goal, and my fears turned into excitement. I cannot describe how fabulous this coaching class was in its timing and the material presented. I am very grateful to Ms. Chopra for sharing her story, her action plans and her enthusiasm with us.”

Captain. D. A Caetano
US Marine Corps

“This is to acknowledge that Ritu Chopra has written a speech that will be used by the United States Marine Corps. The speech will be used at various public events by Marines from our Unit in Garden City, NY. “

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