Mastering Life: Exploring Your Untapped Potential To Reach New Heights


The book Mastering Life is a concise and complete guide about an important theme, Life. The Author believes that the process of fulfillment must begin with honest self-inquiry.

– The readers will learn to set an agenda of their own priorities and develop a plan of action that suits their personal power and pace.

– It shows the reader to evaluate their own characteristics, goals, desires, needs and wants and map them to their strengths.

–  This book leads the reader to form daily norms to improve their process of thought, word, and action and calm one’s mind from the complexities of life and develop a tranquil balance of thought and action.

– Mastering Life helps the reader to calm one’s mind from the complexities of life and develop a tranquil balance of thought and action.

– This book a guide to a self discovery and a journey to leading steps of transformation

Mastering Life

Explore Your Untapped Potential
Mastering Life By Ritu Chopra
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This coaching class and coaching book has made a huge difference in how my goals have manifested themselves into goals; rather than stagnate in wishful thinking. Ms. Chopra has a warm, welcoming style that permits and encourages participants to voice their ideas, fear and dreams. Her use of “companions” was instrumental in helping me move from “paralysis from fear” to movement towards an explicit goal that I had been vocalizing but not realizing. With her guidance, I was able to take an open and honest look at my ‘companions” that hindered my forward movement. I was able to create a plan that allowed me to take “baby steps” to reach my goal, and my fears turned into excitement. I cannot describe how fabulous this coaching class was in its timing and the material presented. I am very grateful to Ms. Chopra for sharing her story, her action plans and her enthusiasm with us.
Rochelle Brodsky MA, RN


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