Emotional Intelligence

“For leadership positions emotional intelligence competencies account
for up to 85% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average.” – Daniel Goleman
In simple terms Emotional Intelligence is the ability in us to control our emotions and understand and express feelings in a way that is positive to both ourselves and those around us.
In the past, people were assessed by conventional intellect, which was referred to as IQ. What emotional intelligence tells us, is that there wider aspects to intelligence and we need EQ or Emotional Quotient as well as IQ to succeed.
To be successful we must be able to effectively control and manage our own emotions and those of people around us.
In this workshop, participant will learn to:
  • Understand yourself, your goals, intentions, responses and behavior
  • Understand others, and their feelings
  • Accept that the way you feel is the way you feel.
  • Not to be scared to confront your weaknesses.
  • And much more…..
A valuable thing to remember is that you are not your emotions. Just because you think, feel or even do something in a certain way, it doesn’t mean that this defines you as a person. You always have the right of choice and to act in anyway that you decide.
Mastering Life
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