Assertiveness in Action

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Assertiveness in Action

Assertiveness is about acting appropriately to suit the situation. It is not true that assertive people don’t make mistakes. However, they do have the ability to not continually come away from situations feeling bad about themselves. Assertive people tend to feel confident and relaxed and are happy that even though they do not take advantage of others, nobody is taking advantage of them.

It is important to realize that not everyone is assertive or unassertive in every area of life. We may find that we can be assertive in our home life, but quite different at work. Or we could be quite comfortable in most situations and then become unassertive when in the company of certain people.

In this workshop, participant will learn:

  • being clear about what you feel, what you need and how it can be achieved
  • being able to communicate calmly without attacking another person
  • saying “yes” when you want to, and saying “no” when you mean “no” (rather than agreeing to do something just to please someone else)
  • deciding on, and sticking to, clear boundaries – being happy to defend your position, even if it provokes conflict
  • being confident about handling conflict if it occurs