Assertiveness In Action

Assertiveness in Action

What springs to mind when you hear the word assertive? Do you think of a decisive person making wise, responsible decisions in an authoritative manner?  Or do you think of a selfish person whose strong will tends to steamroll over the desires of everyone else?

This question is the dilemma of every person who is perhaps a bit too shy, a little too humble, a little bit of a, well…doormat. Obviously nobody desires to lose or be taken advantage of all the time, but some people just cannot bear the thought that others will consider them “too pushy.”

In this workshop you will learn that assertiveness is all about acting appropriately to the situation at hand. Assertive people tend to feel confident and relaxed and are happy that while they are not taking advantage of others, neither are others taking advantage of them.

It may be that you only need to improve your assertiveness in one particular area of life. Some people may have the power of their title and position to bolster them at work, yet feel completely inadequate at home. Others might have great interpersonal skills which serve them well in social settings and yet don’t equip them with the inner strength to ask for a well-deserved raise or promotion on the job. Or, it could be that you feel a sense of personal empowerment in almost all phases of your life, until you are in the company of that one particular person who has a way of dominating you and making you crumble.

You can overcome this! In our assertiveness workshop you will be listening and hearing techniques for how to express with clarity what you feel, what you need, and how it can be achieved. You will learn how to communicate calmly without attacking another person, or having that dreaded feeling that you are steamrolling them. You will learn that it is perfectly OK to say “Yes” when you want to, and “No” when you want to; rather than just agreeing to whatever is put before you in an attempt to please someone else.

You will learn how to confidently decide what your boundaries are, how to make them clear to others, and how to stick to them. You will learn to calmly and happily defend your position in any matter, even if it provokes conflict. You will achieve the personal growth necessary to be confident about handling conflict if it occurs.

There is no need to go through life constantly buckling under to the desires of other people. The feeling you get from pleasing others is nothing compared to the happiness and satisfaction you will get from realizing that you, too, are important, and you have the right to express your desires and will just as much as anyone else. Contact us today regarding our assertiveness workshop, and face tomorrow with greater confidence than ever before.

Enroll here in our online Personal Productivity program and begin enjoying the benefits of superior interpersonal skills.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Program Objectives
  • Notes, quick references and down loadable workbooks
  • Exercise (also included in eCourse)
  • Audio files: Supporting narrative related to the topic
  • Printable Certificate

Extra Bonuses include: 2 FREE eBooks:

1). How to Live an Optimal Life A Special Report

2). Be Inspired and Inspire Others

A Podcast ‘Mid-Week Motivation’ featuring encouraging and motivating topics.


Enroll here in our online Assertiveness in Action program and begin enjoying the benefits of superior interpersonal skills.