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Intentionally or not, we’re communicating 24/7! How many times have you ever walked into a room and had someone immediately ask, “What’s wrong with you?” Though you may not have uttered a word, others are instantly making a call about you, even if only by the way you move and the expression on your face.

And what about those situations when someone “takes something the wrong way?” It’s not always the words that are spoken, but the inflection or the tone of voice that send a message. At times, people can seem to presume our inner feelings far more accurately than we expect them to.

Or how about this: do you know a person who’s very articulate but just has a little too much to say all the time? There are those among us who no doubt consider themselves stellar communicators, while the rest of us just wish they’d skip to the bottom line and spare us the endless details.

Well, communication does not come easy to everyone. Expressing in a assertive and confident way just the right things to say, can be challenging but can be achieved.

Since we are communicating all the time in both our professional and personal lives, it’s vital that we learn to do so effectively. You may be in a profession that requires handling inquiries and managing client relationships and negotiations in a firm and healthy way. It is a life skill we all must acquire if we hope to achieve personal empowerment.

Our online program is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to become successful in handling touch situations by communicating effectively. In addition to providing participants with a fuller understanding of what communication is and the various ways it happens, we will help you to identify barriers to communication and help you to overcome them. For example, generation gap, gender, and cultural differences can all lead to communication difficulties even when all parties are well-intentioned, but you can learn to overcome this hurdle.

You will also learn how to listen actively and effectively and to ask good questions. There is nothing that kills communication any faster than the realization that your listener has “tuned out.” Today, more than ever, we are all susceptible to distraction since we carry a phone in our hands which barrages us constantly with messages from work, home, and other areas. However, this should never distract you from the importance of the person in front of you! Don’t be a person that others consider “not worth the trouble” of trying to engage in conversation. Learn to adeptly converse and network with others, using appreciate inquiry as a communication tool.

Enroll here in our online Power of Influence program and begin enjoying the benefits of superior interpersonal skills.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Program Objectives
  • Notes, quick references and down loadable workbooks
  • Exercise (also included in eCourse)
  • Audio files: Supporting narrative related to the topic
  • Printable Certificate

Extra Bonuses include: 2 FREE eBooks:

1). How to Live an Optimal Life A Special Report

2). Be Inspired and Inspire Others

A Podcast ‘Mid-Week Motivation’ featuring encouraging and motivating topics.





Enroll here in our online Assertiveness in Action program and begin enjoying the benefits of superior interpersonal skills.