Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery is coaching and mentoring process designed for managerial and leadership roles for emerging and mid-level managers. The skills required to manage multiple tasks, direct reports, and stakeholders can create a demanding work environment. An independent and external view of organizational challenges can be just the answer you are looking for.

This program empowers managers to strengthen their ability to engage employees, reduce turnover, increase productivity, create high performance teams, and manage clients and vendors effectively.

Employing the best methodologies, tools, and techniques, Ritu employs her management and coaching expertise to lead corporate teams, helping to resolve conflicts between IT and non-IT business partners, increase employee engagement, and empower everyone she works with.

Following are some of the areas she helps her clients achieve results:

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies and practices:
    • Causes of conflict, problem identification and buy-in of stakeholders
  • Teams, Trust and Integrity:
    • Team dysfunction, assessment and continuous improvement
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
    • Avoid costs of lack of employee engagement, lost productivity, and employee turnover: