Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity

Have you ever wished that you could clone yourself? Or have you ever lamented, “There’s just not enough me to go around?” Increased personal productivity is something that many of us have the desire for, if only we had the ability to achieve it. Procrastination comes along and sucks us into the mire. Or, we may find ourselves promising that if only we can get these few small annoying tasks out of the way, we’ll finally have time to concentrate on the big, important ones.

But that’s a completely backwards way to think! Rather than focusing on each task or distraction as it presents itself, it’s crucial to master the important life development skill known as GOAL-SETTING.  Achieving challenging goals requires a lot of mental energy. Instead of spreading yourself thin by focusing on several goals at once, or getting so distracted by small goals that you run out of energy before you get to the main one, you need to learn how to invest your mental focus on the one goal that is most important to you right now!

Goal setting is critical to your personal growth, personal empowerment, and personal productivity. It is the single most important interpersonal skill that, unfortunately, most people never learn how to do properly. While it’s very easy to blame everything that goes wrong in your life on someone or something else, successful people instead dedicate themselves to taking responsibility for their own lives. They are determined that they WILL succeed, no matter how tired they get, how dark things appear, or how many obstacles try to stop them.

A large part of goal setting is not just identifying what you want, but also what will be most rewarding. When we pursue a goal because we are passionate about it or because we so enjoy what we are doing, this is called intrinsic motivation.

You will always find that you have more energy to pursue goals you are intrinsically motivated to pursue. Negotiations and communication will flow more smoothly because your inner passion about the goals will influence their ultimate success.

With this program you will be listening and hearing techniques that will assist you to organize your life, find those hidden moments, learn how to establish routines, set goals, create an efficient environment and maximize your personal productivity. You will learn priceless methods for gathering all the information you need in order to properly prioritize tasks and make a win/win plan.

Even if you never get to every goal that crosses your mind, you will learn to focus on those which have the greatest impact on your life compared with the time it takes to achieve them. So don’t procrastinate! Contact us today to get started on this life-changing program.

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Here is what you will receive:

  • Program Objectives
  • Notes, quick references and down loadable workbooks
  • Exercise (also included in eCourse)
  • Audio files: Supporting narrative related to the topic
  • Printable Certificate

Extra Bonuses include: 2 FREE eBooks:

1). How to Live an Optimal Life A Special Report

2). Be Inspired and Inspire Others

A Podcast ‘Mid-Week Motivation’ featuring encouraging and motivating topics.


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