Power of Influence

Power of Influence

Every day of our lives, we are—knowingly or unknowingly—influenced by others in many ways. We can be influenced by the will, the persuasive logic, or simply by the example of another.

One of the most amazing life skills we could attain would be to harness the power of our own influence on others. Not many people are easily fooled by attempts to “drop hints” or coerce them into the behavior we’d like to see from them. But if we could learn to use our interpersonal skills to gain desirable behavior from others, we would have a win-win situation.

To be sure, such techniques are working on you every day, even if you don’t realize it. Advertising campaigns, for example, are skillfully designed to manipulate your desires and emotions. Why do you suddenly crave that particular ice cream flavor? Why must you have that brand of shoe? It’s because the power of influence has been used upon you.

What if you could learn to use the power of influence to bring about results that you desire? Our program will help you to identify the methods others use to manipulate you, but what’s more, it will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of how to use these same skills to your own advantage. You will increase your ability to influence others.

The goal of the program is to arm you with the skills necessary to influence others. It will help you to understand exactly how people are influenced, and will help you to develop practical methods of applying these techniques in your own work environment.

With this program you will understand the “human shortcut” and why it makes influence possible. We’ll explain the six principles of influencing and how each one is used, and we’ll help you identify key situations where you can apply the influencing principles in your own environment. You won’t come away empty-handed, because we will show you how to follow an action plan for influencing success.

We will also explore the value of consistency. As your own life experience surely tells you, once we’ve made a choice or taken a stand, you can bet that we will encounter pressures to behave consistently with that commitment.

With our online program, you will learn to be a person of your word—someone who can be depended on to live consistently with his or her stated values. What’s more, you will learn to be a leader who is able to influence others.

Enroll here in our online Power of Influence program and begin enjoying the benefits of superior interpersonal skills.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Program Objectives
  • Notes, quick references and down loadable workbooks
  • Exercise (also included in eCourse)
  • Audio files: Supporting narrative related to the topic
  • Printable Certificate

Extra Bonuses include: 2 FREE eBooks:

1). How to Live an Optimal Life A Special Report

2). Be Inspired and Inspire Others

A Podcast ‘Mid-Week Motivation’ featuring encouraging and motivating topics.


Enroll here in our online Assertiveness in Action program and begin enjoying the benefits of superior interpersonal skills.