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Despite the challenges®

“Some of us face tremendous obstacles in life yet still find the strength to rise above them all. Host Ritu Chopra in her show ‘Despite the Challenges®’ aka DTC, highlights the achievements of people who have overcome impeding circumstances to be successful and realize their dreams. Their life stories of triumph and trial are truly inspirational.”

I am Ritu Chopra, a Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author, Inspirational Speaker and the Executive Producer/ Host of ‘Despite the Challenges®’.

I would like to share a bit about myself. Much like many of the guests on my show, I too have personally overcome tremendous obstacles, emotional setbacks, and adverse circumstances. These challenges came in many forms and from many directions. At times I was devastated, heartbroken, hurt, confused, sometimes all at once. But I found the inner strength and courage to overcome despite my challenges®. I truly believe the source of strength was because of the values I was raised with. In my youth, the most important lesson I learned was – ‘Respect for all human beings’. Despite our differences, all of us are here to live our purpose, whatever that may be. The challenges we face help us find that purpose.

Having to deal with plentiful adverse circumstances, I had always tried to motivate my-self and bring the best out of people around me and made them feel valuable contributor. I always wanted to do it in a bigger way, Hence this show ‘Despite the Challenges®…’

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