Mastering Life Strategies

Every so often, we begin to think about our purpose in life. We are swept away with daily norms and demands that require our immediate attention and somehow the needs of our spirit and soul to be nurtured takes a back seat.

We are responsible for our own decisions and actions to nurture our inner being, our spirit and soul. All of our choices, either unconscious or conscious, directed or impulsive cumulatively become our way of functioning and our routines. Thus the cycle to attending to immediate continues absorbing most of our resources.

To take time to attend to needs of our inner-self and nourish our spirits and soul helps us rise above and beyond the daily norms.

Mastering Life’s Strategies is a journey born out of Ritu’s own personal experience of triumph and trial. As she quotes in her book ‘It is our responsibility to conquer fear, overcome the obstacles and barriers to take us where we aim to reach. The path to one’s overall success starts with a critical look at self.

The ‘Mastering Life’s Strategies’ is a process to:

  • Set an agenda of one’s own priorities and develop a plan of action.
  • Evaluate their own characteristics, goals and desires to accomplish their aims.
  • Calm one’s mind from the complexities of life.
  • Re-examine their life purpose and create a balance to mind-body and soul.
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