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Who is Ritu?

A graduate of Business Administration and planning to enter Law College, she had opportunity as a Legal research intern in the areas of International Law. While learning the legal matters in Law of Diplomacy, Trade conflicts and resolutions and civil matters of citizens of various nationalities, she had aspired to dream big for her future.

Life’s plan for her was not the same as she envisioned for herself as a young graduate, and years later she found herself in Technology worldaround the turn of 21stcentury.

As a technology professional, Ritu has been in the field of data privacy, information security, Identity and Access management with some of the top health care, life sciences, educational institutions, and financial companies.

Growing Gracefully®
Personal Mastery
How did she get here?

During her career in Fortune 500 companies working with C-Suite decision makers, stakeholders, managing people and processes, she was simultaneously drawn to the philosophies of life. As a seeker of higher purpose of life, she had many fortunate experiences to meet and converse with philosophers, scientists, anthropologists, and intellectual people of all walks of life. Listening to her inner voice to do more and give back, she always had the desire to help others.

As president of Chopra Management Services, LLC Ritu is a creative force, inspirational speaker, and certified leadership coach. She authored “Art of Life” and “Mastering Life” focusing on personal mastery to achieve success in personal and professional domains.

Ritu hosts and executive produces “Despite the Challenges®,” a TV show about people who overcome impending circumstances, disabilities, or other barriers of their own and then contribute to society.

She is an award winning Documentarian and founded Lead My Way, a non-profit organization that helps communities deal with childhood trauma and its long lasting impact.

What she is capable of?

With such a diverse personal and professional journey, Ritu now assists professionals of all ages with a blend of interpersonal skills and professional exposure to global work-place methodologies using her leadership experience to impact global organizations of all sizes.

As an executive coach, Ritu employs a wide variety of management skills, tools, and methodologies and leads corporate teams in resolving conflicts between IT and non-IT business partners, increasing employee engagement, and empowering everyone she works with.

Following are some of the areas she helps her clients achieve desired results:

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies and practices:
    • Causes of conflict, problem identification and buy-in of stakeholders
  • Teams, Trust and Integrity:
    • Team dysfunction, assessment and continuous improvement
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
    • Avoid costs of lack of employee engagement, lost productivity, and employee turnover:
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“I have had the opportunity to attend a soft skill lunch and learn on Innovative Management given by Ritu Chopra and found it to be very enlightening. The other class attendees all had the same positive reaction and feedback. The course gave a different way to look at problem solving and I am looking forward to the next session." Patricia Harrison, President, Tri-County Health and Wellness:

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